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Is my organization eligible to apply?

Organization Type: The foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations with a valid 501(c)(3) status and to units of government.

Geographic Consideration: The foundation supports efforts primarily in the Omaha metro area and across the state of Nebraska. We also make grants in Western Iowa within 100 miles of Omaha.

What type of organizations does the foundation support and not support?

We consider proposals that are closely aligned to the foundation’s Strategic Impact Areas. We fund general operations, programs, and capital projects.

We Do Not Fund: individuals, for-profit businesses, other private foundations, individual K-12 schools, churches, or  hospitals

The foundation does not provide funding to support debt retirement, operational deficits, endowments, general fund drives/annual appeals, event sponsorship, or routine public works projects.

Process and Deadlines

Are there deadlines for applying for a grant?

Decisions on funding requests are made 3 times a year: March, June, and October. Requests will be brought to trustees after staff has had time to review the proposal and conduct due diligence.

How does my organization apply for a grant?

All applicants are required to speak with a Community Investment Officer to discuss their project. Once eligibility has been established, the Community Investment Officer will provide you with a URL link to access our online application.

What information is required to complete an application?
Click here to view and print Checklists of what is required for each type of application.
Is there a minimum or maximum request amount?
No, but 501(c)3 organizations may apply for no more than 50% of the total project cost. Units of government and tax-supported entities (along with their affiliated foundations) may apply for no more than 25% of the total project cost.
Does the foundation award renewal grants or multi-year grants?
Yes, but the decision to renew a grant or issue a multi-year grant is based on a variety of factors including the organization’s track record, the level of alignment of the work with foundation goals, and demonstrated impact.
When is the best timing during a project to apply for foundation funding?
Organizations can only apply once annually for the same project/program, so you should apply when you can make the strongest case. The foundation is rarely the first funder of a project, so it is to your advantage to raise a portion of the funds needed before submitting a request. The foundation is also rarely the last funder of a project, so you should apply at a time when a matching grant can help unlock additional funding.

For capital projects, applicants must apply prior to the beginning of construction.

Can I meet with foundation staff or board members to discuss my project?

The foundation prefers that communication on grants go through staff, who are always available to meet with applicants to discuss a project or program. 

How does the foundation make funding decisions?
All grants are approved by the foundation’s Board of Trustees. When making funding decisions, the Board takes into account the potential for meaningful impact, the significance of the issue being addressed, alignment with our impact area goals and strategies, the nature of the project or program, and the feasibility and sustainability of the effort. The Board also considers the strength of the applicant’s governance, leadership, track record, capacity, and financial health.
How does the foundation determine grant amounts?
Grant amounts depend on many factors including the potential for impact, the budget, the level of secured and needed funding, the size of the request, past grants to similar projects, and the nature of the project/program.
How will the foundation communicate with me regarding my application?

If any information is missing from your application or if we have additional questions regarding your application, a Community Investment Officer will call or e-mail the person specified on your application.

What should I do if my question wasn’t listed or answered above?
We encourage you to contact foundation staff at 402-344-7890.