Nebraska Appleseed Center

The Nebraska is Home program helps build welcoming and inclusive communities in Nebraska.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Omaha Community Foundation

The Equality Fund makes grants to support LGBTQI+ issues in the Omaha metro.

Omaha, Nebraska

Midlands Latino CDC

The Micro-Lending Program provides loans to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Omaha, Nebraska

Defy Ventures

Provides employment and entrepreneurship training to prepare incarcerated individuals to re-enter the community as productive citizens.

Omaha, Nebraska

College Possible

Prepares low-income students to gain admission to and complete college.

Omaha, Nebraska


 Engaged citizens. Thriving communities.


To create opportunities for people to live in and help build strong and vibrant communities, achieve economic success, and enjoy a high quality of life.

Impact Areas

Youth Pathways to Success


Economic Growth and Opportunity


Thriving Places


Youth Pathways to Success: Increase the number of youth who progress in their education and secure meaningful employment.

Cradle-to-Career Alignment: Better align P-16 education systems, out-of-school time programs, community and family supports, and employers.

College Access and Success: Ensure youth are able to gain admission to, attend, and complete higher education ready to enter a meaningful career.

Youth Development: Enable youth, particularly vulnerable youth, to access the programs and services they need to be prepared for academic, personal, and professional success.

Economic growth and opportunity: Bolster a vital, diverse and growing economy that advances individual and community prosperity.

Economic Development: Support efforts to improve Nebraska’s economic competitiveness, strengthen regional economies, and revitalize distressed communities.

Talent Development: Cultivate a skilled workforce and foster entrepreneurial activity to fuel economic growth.

Economic Opportunity: Expand opportunities for low-income individuals and families to achieve greater economic success.

Thriving Places: Support local efforts to build thriving communities.

Community Capacity: Strengthen communities’ ability to pursue their own future through leadership development, capacity-building, planning, and resident engagement.

Quality of Place Amenities: Invest in and increase access to quality civic, cultural, and recreational amenities.

Nonprofit Facilities: Invest in capital projects that improve a nonprofit’s ability to impact their clientele and community.

Guiding principles

We engage in activities and apply our resources guided by the following ideals:


Seek the Greatest Impact

We are driven to deliver community-wide benefit, significantly improve people’s lives, and reduce disparities.

Support Community-Driven Solutions

We invest in the efforts of individuals, organizations and communities dedicated to improving their circumstances through hard work and the application of local resources.

Foster Collaboration

We support collective approaches and partner broadly to address complex issues. We respect the expertise and viewpoints of our partners and work with them to achieve shared goals.

Take Action

We make challenge grants to fund capital projects, support promising and proven programs, and improve nonprofit performance. We convene and build capacity within the fields we support. We launch initiatives. We use research, communications and advocacy to advance practice and improve policy.

Commit to Outcomes

We believe in setting bold goals and recognize that we may need to take risks and commit to longer-term solutions to make significant progress.

Learn and Improve

We use data and evaluation to learn, hold ourselves accountable for achieving goals, improve our performance, and share what we learn with our partners.