Grantee input is very important to the foundation. In late 2013 and 2016, we hired the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to anonymously survey foundation grantees on our impact, understanding of community issues, grantee relationships, and grantmaking processes. In the spirit of transparency and with great appreciation to the many grantees who provided us with feedback, we share the below documents that include the full reports from CEP, as well as letters from our executive director and board chair summarizing key findings and how we will use those findings to improve our work.

2017 CEP Results Grantee Letter PDF

2017 Grantee Perception Report PDF

2014 CEP Results Grantee Letter PDF

2014 Grantee Perception Report PDF

In 2013-14, the foundation conducted an eight-month strategic planning process supported by Public Equity Group (PEG). The resulting strategic plan builds upon the foundation’s history and values, confirms many of our longstanding commitments, and identifies opportunities to increase our impact. The first document provides a summary of our strategic plan as originally written in 2015 and includes a letter to the community from the Board of Trustees and executive director. The second document is a two page overview of the strategy as it exists today.

Strategic Plan Overview 2018 PDF

Strategic Plan 2015 PDF

As part of our strategic planning process, Public Equity Group (PEG) conducted extensive secondary research and interviews. This document finalized in September 2014 summarizes PEG’s findings and informed the foundation’s strategic plan development.

Research Brief PDF