Getting Started

1. Review PKF Goals and Grantmaking Approach
Please read through our Mission, Principles, Impact Areas and Grantmaking Approach to learn more about our funding priorities.

2. Speak with a Program Officer
A representative from your organization should connect with a foundation program officer at least three weeks prior to the application deadline to discuss the proposed project, confirm eligibility to apply, and determine alignment to foundation goals. Please contact a Program Officer within the Impact Area most aligned to your request. In most cases, a brief written summary of the request will be needed to determine alignment and readiness. If eligibility, alignment, and readiness are confirmed, a program officer will issue a URL link to our online application.

3. Complete the Application
Please follow the foundation guidelines to complete your application through the online grant application portal. The length and level of detail within an application should correspond with the size, scope and complexity of the project. Please use the checklists below to support and guide you in completing the applications:

Capital Application Checklist

Operating Support Checklist

Program Application Checklist

4. Submit the Application
The foundation accepts and makes decisions on grant applications on a quarterly basis. Please submit applications through our online application portal by midnight on the deadline date.

Connect With Program Officer By Application Deadline Funding Notification
December 20 January 15 March 31
March 26 April 15 June 30
June 25 July 15 September 21
September 24 October 15 December 23


5. Communicate Changes
Please inform the Program Officer you connected with of any significant organizational, programmatic, or financial changes impacting the project or organization that occur after an application has been submitted.