The objective of the Strong and Vibrant Communities impact area is to support local efforts to build thriving communities. Our priority strategies include:

Community Empowerment

Goal: Strengthen communities’ ability to pursue their own future through leadership development, capacity-building, planning, and resident engagement.

We have a particular focus on efforts that address local leadership development, community-wide visioning and planning, and regional needs.

Quality-of-Life Amenities

Goal: To increase access to quality civic, arts, cultural and recreational amenities.

We have a particular focus on efforts that improve the capacity, sustainability and operating environment for arts organizations and the arts sector.

Community-Wide Health and Human Services

Goal: To invest in programs and initiatives that address community-wide needs and reduce disparities.

Our Work in Action

Special Initiatives

From time to time, the foundation develops targeted grant programs and special initiatives to address specific areas of need. The foundation’s current Strong and Vibrant Communities initiatives include:


ArtStock seeks to strengthen the vibrancy of the Omaha arts and culture environment by offering a learning series that is co-designed and presented with grantees. ArtStock also provides capacity building grants to arts and culture nonprofits in the Omaha area to build organizational capacity, strengthen financial sustainability and improve operations. For additional information, please click here or contact Paul Ternes.

Neighborhood Grants

Awards annual grants to help organized Omaha neighborhood associations to develop and complete projects that enhance or improve neighborhood organization, appearance, and safety, and which also encourage residents’ participation. The 2017 application cycle is closed. For more information about this initiative please contact Tracy Bohrofen.